Portable ICU Room Cheap Price R30 Ventilators Machine For Medical ICU

1 Unit
$13,500.00(1 - 50 Units) $11,000.00(>=51 Units)
Portable ICU Room Cheap Price R30 Ventilators Machine For Medical ICU
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Place Of Origin: Beijing, China
Brand Name: Siriusmed
Model Number: R30
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sale Service: Free Spare Parts
Material: Metal, Plastic
Shelf Life: 1years
Quality Certification: Ce
Instrument Classification: Class III
Safety Standard: IEC60601
Applications: ICU Room, Respiratory Department And More
Patient Type: Neonatal, Child, Adult
Display: 10.4" TFT LCD Color Screen With Touch Screen
Respiratory Loops: P-V, V-F,P-F
Tidal Volume: 20-2500ml
Battery: 2h
Trend: 72 Hours Trend *Waveform Freeze With Reference Line
Air Compressor: C30
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing, China
Brand Name: Siriusmed
Certification: ce
Model Number: R30
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Product Description
Product Description


Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled ICU ventilator

Widely usage range: Suitable for infants and adults

Tidal Volume setting:20~2500mL

Sufficient modes of Ventilation: VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, SPONT/CPAP+PSV, DuoPhasic/APRV+PSV, BACKUP

Friendly user interface: TFT color screen with touch screen;

Knob and Hard key input

Easy to position ergonomic trolley with two brakes

Easily removable and sterilizable exhalation valve & flow sensor module

Good integration

Built-in active expiratory PEEP valve;

Built-in O2 & Air mixture device

Built-in synchronized nebulizer

Built-in battery (≥ 2hours)

Optional SpO2/etCO2 monitoring module

Lung mechanics parameters and loops

100% O2 suction

Keyboard lock

Prevent accidental touching leads to parameter changes and endanger patient safety, use this key to lock operation interface.

Active Exhalation Valve

Achieve breathing during both inspiratory and expiratory. Actively controls the target pressure, prevent airway pressure high, promotes patient ventilator synchrony.

Optional Features

EtCO2, FiCO2, SpO2 and Pulse Rate can be accurately measured. The performance of the partial CO2 rebreathing technique can be improved by means of arterial blood gas sampling and an algorithm that takes in account the effects of non-equilibration of Pet CO2 during rebreathing.

Integrated nebulization

Air flow control part supplies air flow for ventilator nebulization function, the flow 6 ~ 10 l/min

Anesthesia Gas Scavenging System.

Trend Freeze

All the data reserved can be review by adjust the light axis, it’s record volume, pressure, flow etc.

Friendly interface

10.4" TFT touch screen, with rotary knob.

High resolution display suit for long-term application in ICU

Friendly interface

8.4" TFT touch screen, with rotary knob. Resolution 680 x 480.

High Quality Part

World leading brand components ensure faster and accurate O2 & Air delivery in proportion and reduce WOB, to ensure high accuracy and stable performance

High Resolution Graphic

Paw, Flow, Volume or Paw-V, V-Flow, simultaneous display 3 waveform & loops. Closed-loop ventilation reduces the risk of operator errors and promotes early weaning

Monitoring Interface

Optional monitoring displays all relevant respiratory parameters. Overall vital signs can be quickly and comprehensively assessed

Multiple Alarm System

Well organized display layout visualizes all relevant respiratory parameters. The patient’s vital signs can be assessed quickly and comprehensively

Ventilation Mode

Color coded display for numerical, graphic, alarm and system message

Quick self-test no need frequent interaction from operator

Patient settings automatic stored and can be restored quickly

Direct setting of ventilation parameters in main interface

Easy and fast chose functions and one step start

3 waveforms and loops on one interface, quick changeover

System log can record 100 settings/alarms

With the improvement of the patient, it’s ease to choose multiple mode at anytime


SIMV is a combined mode, according to the selected SIMV mode, patient receives mandatory ventilation. During mandatory respirations, the patient can breathe spontaneously under pressure support ventilation mode. Mandatory ventilation can be volume-controlled ventilation or pressure-controlled ventilation.


DUOPHASIC is mixed mode of ventilation that combines the attributes of mandatory and spontaneous breathing in which the patient can breathe at two levels of PEEP with or without PS. Due to its ability to allow unrestricted spontaneous breathing at any moment of the ventilation phase it improves patient ventilator synchrony.


This mode is a breathing pattern triggered by the patient; the ventilator provides default steady pressure support for patients. When the initiative triggered by the patient, according to the preset ventilator steady pressure on the patient's inspiratory be supported ventilation


Pressure control ventilation and volume-controlled ventilation are the same, a "same-parameters" forced ventilation can also be triggered by the patient during the expiratory phase.

Value for owner ship

Multiple Options for Different User

Basic model R30, it has sufficient modes of ventilation, also it could optional 20ml TV, SIMV-PC, DuoPhasic/APRV and lung mechanics parameters and loops, it also could apply to infant safety.

Optional famous brand SPO2, EtCO2 and nebulizer provide more monitoring reference for Dr.

Easy Maintenance Low Service Cost

Friendly interface, easy to operation. Low costs spare parts, no more funds tie up.

Easy maintenance by cartridge type, easy replacement of service parts.

Simple to maintenance makes efficient daily routine. Software upgrade by USB.

Rapid respond of after sales service, save your time, reduce the risks.

High Performance Compressor

Compact size, portable type for easy install.

User convenient display, enable timely effective operate and maintenance efforts.

Available to operate in connection with maximum 2 units of ventilator simultaneously.

Verified low noise suitable for long term working in ICU, oil free, overheat protection and high-performance dehydration design makes this compressor can be isolated as gas supply.

Safety solution & dust-protection, temperature warning system & Auto/manual shut down

High-end air compressor automatically switches from compressor pump and central gas supply.

System Specifications
Pneumatic Ventilator R30
Display 10.4”, TFT display, with touch screen
Respiratory mode VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-P, CPAP/PSV, BACKUP (Optional:Duophasic / APRV, NIV )
Graphical display P-T, F-T, V-T(Optional: CO2-time, pulserate-time)
Battery loop: P-V, F-V
Data communication port
NI-MH battery, >120mins
RS232, VGA, USB, Remote alarm
Operating Conditions
Gas supply Air,O2,280kPa -600kPa (40-87 PSI)
Power supply 100-240V,50/60Hz
Temperature 10-40 (Operation),-20-60(Storage)
Relative humidity 5-95%,non-condensing (Operation)
≤95%,non-condensing (Storage)
Atmospheric pressure (Operation & Storage) 500hPa-1060hPa
Dimensions (H×W×D)
Ventilator 455mm x 400mm x 300mm
Trolley 565mm X 535mmX 910mm
Ventilator 12.5 kg
Trolley 20 kg
IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, IEC 60601-1-8, IEC 60601-2-12
Alarm Upper limit Lower limit
Tidal volume 20~3000 mL OFF,20~2999 mL
Minute volume 1~99 L 0~98 L
Oxygen concentration 22~100%, OFF 20~100%
Airway pressure 1~99 cmH2O 0~98 cmH2O
Respiratory frequency 1~120 bpm 0~99 bpm
SPO2 50~99%, OFF 49~99%
ETCO2 0.1~13.3 kPa 0~13.2 kPa
Pulse rate 31~250 bpm 30~249 bpm
Circuit occlusion (PEEP+15) cmH2O, 15s
Apnea alarm 15~60s
O2 SUPPLY DOWN alarm < 280 kPa
Mains failure alarm Automatically switch
Battery power low alarm < 10 min
Battery discharged alarm < 5 min
Alarm silence ≤120 s
Auxiliary O2 Auxiliary O2 Flow meter(O2: 0~15LPM) (Optional)
O2 Flush 25-75L/Min
Battery NI-MH battery build in.
Yoke 2 (O2, N2O) (Optional)
Gas Cylinder O2, N2O (Optional)
Cycle Absorber Intergrade, bypass Design, heating system.
Setting Parameter Monitoring Parameter
Tidal volume (optional 20ml) 20~2500mL Inspiratory tidal volume 0~4000 mL
Respiratory frequency 1~120 bpm Expiratory tidal volume 0~4000 mL
Inspiratory time 0.1~12 s Minute volume 0~99 L
Breath-hold time 0~50% Spontaneous minute volume 0~99 L
Pressure triggering -20cmH2O~PEEP 0 Spontaneous respiration frequency 0~120 bpm
Flowrate triggering 0.5~20 L/min PEEP 0~100 cmH2O
PEEP 0~50 cmH2O Airway peak pressure 0~100 cmH2O
Pressure support 0~80 cmH2O Mean airway pressure 0~100 cmH2O
Pressure control 5~80 cmH2O Inspiratory platform pressure 0~100 cmH2O
High pressure level 5~80 cmH2O Minimum airway pressure -20~100 cmH2O
Low pressure level 0~50 cmH2O Inhaled oxygen concentration 15% ~100 %
Oxygen concentration 21~100% Airway resistance 0~600 cmH2O/(L/S)
100% O2 2min RSBI 0 ~ 9999 bpm/L
Thigh (optional) 0.1~30s SPO2 (Optional) 70 ~ 100 %
freeze Yes Pulse Rate (Optional) 30~250 bpm
EtCO2 (Optional) 0 ~ 100 mmHg

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